Friendships: transforming and intransitive

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I don’t think there’s a time more cozy than the holidays… And even if it’s cold outside, we somehow  overflow with warmth. It might be the family gatherings, or the fact that we get to see people who are far away. Because everyone goes home for Christmas :)

But today we won’t talk about far and close. Today we talk about friendship. For the kind of friendship that stays present over the years. For the kind of friendship that grows with the people and transforms, but stays intransitive as well.



Have you ever thought how your friendships change over the years? 

As kids we spend most time with our friends - school days, then often after. You have to remember the phone calls in the afternoon :) Or you might have done something creative with your friends that stays forever in photos or video, something that reminds you of past summer breaks - in my case it was a music video that was a real production with script and direction and perfect actor’s play - even at 14 we were professionals in what we did ;) 

You may remember something similar you did in your childhood!


Friendships from childhood either last forever or people forget one another and moments together get locked away in memories. Actually it’s the same with friendships in all ages - some stay, some loose interest (interest in friendships is something there’s a lot to write about but maybe some other time ;)).

Growing up we all change our lifestyle. Careless days slip away more and more, we have more stuff to do and time for friends reduces. But this doesn’t mean that grown-ups don’t have time for their friends, or that their infrequent connection with friends is less strong from the one in childhood - it’s just different :)


This transformation is felt strongly in memories when you think what was then and what’s now. But then and now have their pluses. It seems like over the years we learn to cherish our friends a lot more. Especially those old friendships that never get dusty :)

Everyone has at least one friendship like this - the kind that for sure has in someway helped you growing up, the kind that lets you be the most honest version of yourself. And the kind that even once a year, feels like all you ever need…



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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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