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Everyone knows that every beggining has an end. And even though the end is scary for a lot of people, it comes eventually. And why this fear? Maybe because there comes something unknown, maybe because the end is followed by changes and hard choises, and maybe because the thing that comes to an end is good.

Less than a day ago I closed the next chapter of the book I’m writing every second: my life. From now on in sociological researches I’ll mark my degree as bacheor :) And you know what, I still can’t get how it all ended. Maybe because these past 4 years passed so quickly, maybe because my life got dynamic and full of travels and maybe becasue I met new people and learnt new things, and maybe it’s because I grew up…


And even though I’m still assimilating the fact that I’m a psychologist now (bachelor still), I can’t stop thinking of what’s coming next. 

And how I got to the end of my first degree, I’m share with a few words ;)

In the beginning of this year I was already set to the idea that I was going to write a dissertation and skip the state exam. For some that’s the easy way, for others it’s not. 

The topic got to me suddenly one day when I was scrolling down the social medias. With no connection at all, I had one of those A-ha moments that we call insight in psychology :) For a few seconds I already knew that I wanted to study creativity in a psychological perspective. Of course my first idea transformed a few times before getting to what I ended up working on.

With the help of 26 contemporary Bulgarian authors and 22 literature pieces my work took its breath in the world.

And who said that summer’s not a productive season?


I chose the hottest months for writing my dissertation even though I had made a lot before like arranging the meetings with the authors, checking the results from the personality test and the interview + reading the literature and taking notes. Actually this may seem like it’s not that time consuming but it turned out it was that part that took me most time :)

After this comes the productive stage - you start writing and you don’t even realize how many hours have passed in front of the computer screen…

76 pages later my dissertation was complete and I couldn’t wait to share it with my closest ones who added the missing commas :D

Of course I had to send my work to my supervisor and to my reviewer who wrote a great review. Last I had to present my work in front of the exam committee - this happened yesterday and I wasn’t even that nervous! 

So this is how I got till the end of these 4 years. And what’s next? Next comes the rest of my book called life… Stick around to write it with me!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

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