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UniLife 03: study and work?

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I’m returning to UniLife with the post this week. About this time of the year exactly 4 years ago I signed myself in as a student full time majoring in Psychology. 4 years later I’m on the final line checking my dissertation for mistakes. And what happened in the past 4 years - I went to school, learned so much about my major but also about adult life…

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One of the things I learned was how to be independent - and not only in the sense of living by myself but also in the meaning of taking care of myself in all aspects, I began depending less and less on my parents for money when I got a job. For me “job” wasn’t a foreign word when I started school in Varna. When I was in high school I used to work during the summer for about 2 years in a fitness center. During the first semesters in university I wanted to focus entirely on adapting in the new place. 

After the second semester I moved back to Plovdiv for the summer. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I didn’t want to hang out doing nothing so I started helping my dad in his website. Journalism was never attractive for me but it was never a struggle for me to write a text, take an interview or go to a press conference. When you say you work for one of your parent, it sometimes might seem too easy or not serious but I really did my best. And I liked it. I still sometimes write for Plovdiv-online when I go to cultural events or music events.

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During my second school year I didn’t want to find a job because I was preparing for my journey to the USA where I spent the summer. When someone asks me if he/she should go to a work and travel program, I always say YES - it’s an adventure that should be lived! For me seeing New York was a dream for so long and I managed to fulfill this dream!

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My summer of 2014 was such a big adventure - it had its horrible and its amazing moments! 4 month in the US taught me that I can manage to be okay in a different continent (even though my closest person was there by my side and was the support I desperately needed from time to time), they taught me that the world is full of color and you can never look through black and white lenses, they taught me that living with 5 girls in a room can be fun and even when you think that the end of the world is coming, it really is not! 

A few words about working in the US - you can pick a state where you want to go during the interview here in Bulgaria. Arsen and I picked Maine and we got offers to work as salesmen in a store. It was a great offer because the housing was included and we didn’t have to search for rooms there, the place for near the beach and New York was just a bus ride away!

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When we first got to America it turned out that we wouldn’t work in the same store. After that it turned out that we would have to work way more that 40 hours a week (100 per week to be exact during the peak season). And by the way we rarely got free days. I didn’t expect to work that much but it was worth it (I saved some money even though I had no boudries while online shopping :D). 

Enough about the work and travel experience - maybe some other time I’ll share more and tell you about my fabulous week in New York :)

After working 100 hours per week in USA the tempo of the student life in Bulgaria was too slow for me. So when I got back I was looking for a flexible part time job that I could be able to do from home. I found the best solution in a fashion website. I’m still a part from the team. And here’s why I wanted to work from home - I wanted to focus mainly on studying and I had to combine working with traveling back to Plovdiv, and studying.

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Actually what I wanted to tell you with this story was that it’s okay to be independent… Even more that this - there’s nothing better than to be helpful for yourself and even if the job you choose doesn’t give you the opportunity to be fully independent, the feeling of doing something is worth it!

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov, 2014, USA