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UniLife 02 – what and why study further

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So I'm continuing the UniLife series in the blog. Now it's time to talk why and what to study. 

Tpday more than ever is somehow "normal" to continue studying after high school. Even though you can make a good living without going to uni, even the thought of skipping uni seems unacceptable to some people. For others - it's fine.

I wouldn't say anyone from my family forced me into considering uni, but I can't imagine not doing so.

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So let's say you just graduated high school or you're now graduating. Most important thing is to figure out is to decide wheather you want to study further or not, and later decide what you want to go to uni for.  

I've always believed that uni is all about studying what you like and want to work as one day. I was 100% sure I want to study psychology in the end of 10th grade. And I've never changed my idea afterwards.

I wouldn't say someone told me to study this, nor that my parents were excited about it cause in Bulgaria most people say you can't make a living out of it. Me, I was sure in one thing - I wanted to study what was interesting for me and I've always believed that if you're good at one thing, you'll find a way to succeed.

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If you're applying to uni right now, you gotta think first what is interesting for you and go straight for it! It's not about what job will earn a lot of money, nor is it what your parents what you to study, you're living your life so do it the way you like :) If you aim for someone elses dreams, you're only gonna end up being a projection of someone elses dream life and you won't be happy. And if you're a parent of a kid who's applying to uni soon, then try to remember how you felt at that age - confused from all opportunities and how awful it felt if someone pressured you to study something you don't like. 

For me application process wasn't like it was for most people. I knew what I wanted to study but where was a different matter.

First I wanted to go abroad but things got in the way and I ended up a freshman in Varna with a full scolarship and I got invited to study there with a letter sent to my high school (because of my grades in a championship in French). 

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Going to Varna was easy - it's still Bulgaria and I didn't want to stay in my hometown plus Sofia (the capital) was never an option (I just don't like it).

I lot of people keep asking me if I regret my choice and I never do (honestly). I believe that we choose our path in life so if I regreted going to Varna, I'd move. 

There's another factor - some people are afraid of change, well I've never been one of them. 

So I guess the topic that always stands is Bulgaria or abroad. When I was in high school I was sure that anywhere in Europe would be better than here but now I think differently. 

Yes, there may be places where people live better but the subjective mindset is what counts. If you feel good home, stay here, if not - go abroad - it's as simple as that :)

And this all said leads me to the next topic of UniLife, stay tuned to find out more :) 

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