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Did you know that there's a theory that the older you get, time starts passing by quicker? Because the sensation of time passing by is subjective. Going back to my high school years, I remember those 5 years feeling like a whole eternity. But the last 4 (in uni) literaly flew by and that has a lot to do with growing up I believe :)  

The end of May always brings back memories from prom. If we don't remember on our own, facebook reminds us ;) 

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My prom was 4 years ago today. The preparations months before keep you so excited and when the day comes you're so full of emotions that the day seems so long yet so cool!

415188 4006239324057 1322420409 oAs most people, I celebrated with family and friends before the prom itself. We spent a few hours laughing and chatting in a local beer pub. It was great time! 

Going to the hotel where the prom took place was long, there's always crazy traffic on prom nights. But arriving you forget it all :)

Seeing my friends all dressed up was so cool because we'd been talikng about dresses months back but really seeing how everyone of us looked was so cool!

So let me tell you about my dress :)

I chose it in September. At a Tarya Turunen concert. She was wearing the most gorgeous white gown that I fell in love with.

Taking a few photos I was sure I wanted it as a prom dress.

But not in white :)

Red was my color!

I still love it to this day too bad I can't wear it anywhere :(

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456829 4006299925572 1314385254 oThe night itself wasn't anything special. Probably because you expect too much. But we did have fun and afterwards went to our fave bar to continue celebrating graduation. Removing my heels was probably the highlight of the evening :D 

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So how did you spent your prom night?

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Photos:Arsen Nikolov, Julian Georgiev

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria