The other side of empathy

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Don’t you feel like people talk more and more about empathy these days? And it mostly corresponds to “what makes us human”.

But what really is empathy?

It’s co-experience of what the other person is feeling. Resonating on his frequency. 

For some empathy is what keeps society whole. 

Empathy is what drives us to prosocial behavior, it motivates us to help one another. 

And if altruism exists today, as rare as it does, then empathy is the main reason for it’s existence.

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But empathy has a different side as well.

It can increase the difference between opinions, understandings and beliefs.

Because every situation has two sides. 

And a person often reacts with a powerful emotional intensity when it comes to an extreme situation close to him and his understandings.

This powerful emotion can cause aggression. 

To react emotionally is not the best moral compass.It’s not the most rational decision either.

But sometimes the control of our emotions just slips away.

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Then we cross empathy’s limits we go to the other side.

Where empathy bursts society to pieces.

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Chernomorec, Bulgaria

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