Half living?

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Don’t you think some people only live half? 

Or you think that about yourself? 

Actually what doest half living and full living mean?


It’s not about finance.

Because the realest things in life don’t have a price tag. 

It’s about something way deeper.

Imagine the lady in the supermarket.

Hurrying up to go home and cook for the family.

She was at work. Going home. Doing some household stuff. And next day’s the same.

Now imagine the man in the table next to you at the restaurant. 

Speaking on the phone. Maybe it’s work.

He’s working crazy hours. And when he goes home he continues. At the weekends he sees some friends to unwind. And next week’s the same.

Seems like such different everyday life. Actually it’s the same: living to get by. 

Somehow primal.

Where’s individuality?

And love of life?


In the 21 century people forget easily what truly means to be human. 

Rivalry, ambition, improvement or simply giving up.

Most people live by the principle “I’m doing this so that I can be happy when I achieve that”.

However Aerosmith have said it out loud - life’s a journey not a destination ;)

And happiness cannot be planned.

So maybe that’s why we prefer looking at life on that perspective: it can always be better, however it can always be worse.

But isn’t this half living?


What would happen if we reverse that point of view?

How would we live if we did one-two things just for ourselves?

To feel human.

If we found what makes us really joyful, truly living and actively thinking…

What if we found out that happiness is not constant but still learn to appreciate it when it comes our way?


Maybe the glass would be half full.

And maybe we’d see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

And who knows… someone might be waiting at the other end…



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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Alicante, Spain

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