Change (in the House of Flies)

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How often do you think about change?

The kind of change you see in other people, in you or the surroundings.


We live in a world that cannot exist without change.

And yet again every face of change scares us.

Because fear of the unknown, of what “will be”, is so prominent in a lot of people.

But even if we do get rid of this fear and replace it with the thrill of the unknown, there still remains the fact that it’s easier to “be” than to “become”.

Because to “become” requires effort.


But you know what, all I hear in my mind is Change (In the House of Flies) by Deftones

I watched a change

In you

It's like you never

Had wings

Now you feel

So Alive

Because if we don’t change, we’d never be able to reach our full potential…

A to change with the people around you is the most beautiful view.

You grow together and get to know each other over and over again :)


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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Sozopol, Bulgaria


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Comments (2)

  • Michaela

    I love that Deftones song! Great post - you're right, change is hard work and fear of what may come definitely scares people.

    I think we find that some changes are scarier than others though.

  • Victoria

    In reply to: Michaela

    Thanks Michaela <3
    It's true that we find some changes scarier than others and it has a lot to do with the importance of the area in which this particular change affects it :)