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How often do you hear clichés in your daily conversations? And how often do you say some out loud?

We know they’re cliches, but we still sometimes want to hear and say them, because no matter that they’re well-known facts, they have the magic feature to make us feel more secure.  

Today we’ll chat more about one of the most popular clichés out there: nobody’s perfect.

You’ve heard it thousand times, maybe said it a thousand more… 

It might be an excuse, it might be serving us for self-assertion or a way to make someone feel better.


But it’s hard to overcome perfectionism with a cliché


That’s why we have to learn to accept flaws - our own and the ones of other people.  

We often live with the illusion for a perfect world with perfect people. Maybe that’s why when facing reality, there’s not a single person who hasn’t been disappointed. 


Ideals are just in our minds.


Aiming towards perfect life makes us more ambitious (even pathologically ambitious) and in the same time it makes us more anxious, more selfish and leaves us feeling more disappointed with “failure”. 

You know what, on a first glimpse a lot of things seem perfect - like an instagram feed - but what happens when the camera isn’t shooting is a different story.  

That’s why people we don’t know seem perfect to us, but once we get to know them, we start to recognize their flaws. 

But are flaws what we see every time when we look in the mirror or when we look at the person standing in front of us - maybe, if we don’t know where else to look… 


The hardest thing is to find balance.


Once we understand that a person is not perfect, our first idea of him falls apart.

We start to look deeper and deeper and find flaws.

This may frustrate us and even change out attitude.

But a person never has one side.


The balance is in finding flaws sufficient. 


Not to see the world black and white, but to distinguish every shade.

This is when we manage to fix the puzzle pieces of our perception of a perfect world in the reality and we stop being anxious, selfish and disappointed… 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov


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