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The fall weather this week made me reach into my archived thoughts… 

About an year ago I used to cling to ideas, understandings, people. I couldn’t realize why some stuff happen the way I don’t find right, why some people do stuff I don’t find logical… 

An year ago I didn’t see other than my truth and in a way I didn’t want to understand that there’s a different point of view.

I may have known in theory that there’s other than “mine”, but between words, meaning was somehow lost.

Because “my meaning” was the only one existing.  

But in life we can’t expect everything to end up as we imagine.

And if we don’t want to eat ourselves up from sadness, disappointments and doubts, then we have to face reality differently.  


Every action has a motive.

Every thought has a significance.

Every person has a meaning.


And rarely motives, significances and meanings of people are the same. 

This is why we’re different, this is why we’re interesting, this is why we love, and this is why we argue.  

And again this is why we have to learn to let go, not to cling into conceptions, people and plans.


Sometimes choices are not our own, sometimes they’re other people’s.

Learning to let go is actually learning to accept. 

Because in the end of the day, some choices affect us only indirectly, other times - nothing depends on us and then there’s those times when it has nothing to do with us. 

When we learn to let go, we learn to distance ourselves from situations, see them clearly and rate them objectively. 

And yes, sometimes we’d want to scream “I told you so”, other times ask ourselves “why didn’t I agree with you earlier”, and then other times ask “why doesn’t this depend on me”. 

But either option we face, we’d honestly be able to think “it wasn’t my motive, it wasn’t my significance, it wasn’t my meaning…” so “it was right”.  

And what then - then we find new motive, new significance, new meaning - this is the only way to grow and when time passes look back and say “An year ago I used to cling to ideas, understandings, people. Now I know that there’s other “right” than my own…”. 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Sozopol, Bulgaria

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