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Map your 2018

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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 07:32

Happy 2018 :)

In the beginning of last new year we chatted about the secrets of the new beginnings and those new year resolution lists that can cause trouble.  

This new year we’re focusing on a different aspect of novelty - the new Me. 

Often times people say that new year is like opening a new book. Well, let’s stay on the the same book and just open a new chapter, instead of fully distancing ourselves from the past. 

Because everything that we experience is valuable that makes us who we are today. Anyways the focus shouldn’t be on the past.

Looking forward to now and the near future, we can draw a map with small steps that we can follow - for our daily tasks, goals or even our realistic dreams.  It’s these small steps that change us daily.


Maybe this is why we sometimes feel like “new people”. 

Actually we’re the same, only with more experiences and different point of view - changes that make us look new in the eyes of others, sometimes even in our own :) 

My 2018 map is quite ambitious, but the destinations are short.  

Because small steps are more durable and because with small steps we can go much further. 


So did you draw your 2018 map already?

Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov