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5 steps to confidence

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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 05:24

Some say that confidence is inborn, others say parents teach their children to be confident and there are those third kind who think that confidence  is being built based on everyone’s successes. 

Do you have that magnetic confidence that makes people admire you? 

Even if the answer is “no”, you can trick others think you do in just 5 steps…

  1. Walk!confidence1You can say if a person is confident by his walk! So forget about slacking and start walking energized and tall - your new walk will scream “I’m here!”.
  2. Body language!

Don’t keep your hands crossed over your body, this makes an invisible barrier between you and the person in front of you which subconsiously means that you’d rather not communicate you him. And one more thing - do you remember those stresful times in school right before exams when your foot couldn’t stop fidgeting - forget about this, there’s nothing more revealing of your anxiety than a tapping foot! 

3. Eye contact!

Maintaining eye contact is not only sign of confidence but also etiquette and means you’re interested in the conversation. So stop looking around the room and focus on the person you’re talking to!  

4. Smile!

A smile makes a person look confident, friendly, approachable and more memorable. If it’s hard for you to keep a natural smile, try a brief one and maintain your natural expression rather than a fake smile that can be spotter miles away.


5. Mindset!

Try not to think of past mistakes that bring your confidence level down. Remember that every mistake is a chance for improvement! Even the most confident people make mistakes but what keeps them confident is their attitude. They’re not afraid of failure, they see it as a trampoline up.  

The 5 steps to confidence can change your attitude towards yourself. If first it comes unnatural, you can always fake it till you make it! 

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov