25 years in 25 lessons

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Each year we learn something new and because I’ve decided that my 25 will be legendary, I’m sharing with you 25 lessons that go hand in hand with my daily life… 

  1. Love yourself 
  2. Defend your ideas 
  3. Accept critics and rejection 
  4. Find time for your loved ones 
  5. But don’t forget to spare some time for yourself
  6. Don’t neglect your hobbies 
  7. Think before you talk 
  8. Place yourself in the other people’s shoes 
  9. Sometimes you gotta compromise 
  10. True friendships never catch dust :)
  11. Don’t run away from your emotions
  12. Take care of your body 
  13. And soul :)
  14. You find your own meaning 
  15. Thinking of change is scarier than change itself 
  16. We can’t control everything in our lives 
  17. Sometimes it’s more simple than it seems 
  18. Social media is a sugary version of real life 
  19. Distance is just kilometers
  20. Don’t ask yourself where would you be in 10 years ;)
  21. Sometimes things don’t end up the way you imagined 
  22. Make short term plans 
  23. Break down plans into goals 
  24. Follow your goals 
  25. Raise the bar… all the time! 

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Photo: Ekaterina Kostova

Location: Alicante, Spain

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