5 tricks for a good night sleep

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Lately I've been hearing more and more how people can't sleep well - they wake up in the middle of the night or wake up tired in the morning. 

Causes may be lifestyle, as well as factors that don't rely on us.

Of course, stress is often times the main reason but instead of looking for causes, we should focus on ways to escape the magic circle of restlessness. 

Professional help is the best choice so you can reach a psychologist. 

Today, however, I'll share a few tricks that may help with having a good night sleep.

  1. Calming scents in the bedroom.

It's no secret that there're scents that calm people down - like lavander. You can add some notes with a candle, essential oils or pillow spray. 

  1. Tea.

Camomille or mint - these are the best ready for bed teas.

  1. Write down your tasks for tomorrow and stop thinking about them.

Whilst drinking the tea, write down all your do to lists for the next day -  you'll be sure you won't forget about them. 

  1. Stretch.

Even if you're not a fan of exercise, 2-3 stretch exercises of the back, arms and legs will relax your body and better your condition. 

  1. No technology in the bedroom.

Maybe the hardest - forget about cellphones, tablets, tvs, laptops, computers... - just be offline before going to sleep. 

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