The comparison trap

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Our mind is set so that we compare all the time - the food here is better than there; this dress is prettier than the other one; this place is cooler than that... 

Every day, even every minute we compare. And that's how we form our own preferences. 

But the comparison habit we carry over on ourselves. 

Maybe because people start comparing us from being babies.

Maybe because it's easy to have an example - good or bad - and to constantly check yourself - where are you compared to them. 

Looks, intelligence, success, social status or something different - we always find something to compare.


But what do these comparisons lead to? 

If we compare to someone we superior in some aspect, this makes our full idea of the person a bit foggy. Because we only focus on one characteristic and forget about the others. 

When we compare to people we feel are better than us in something, then we could potentially fall in the trap of comparison. 

On one hand comparison can motivate, on the other it causes envy or low self-esteem. 

So here lies the moment of unrealistic standarts of beauty and success, generated from social media, that make us compare ourselves to seemingly perfect looking lives. 


And actually is there a way to compare without stepping in the trap? 


Here's the place of the prism from which we look through comparison. 

We do have to start looking from more than one side. 

Because, if you run faster than me, I might swim further than you. If you're better at one, someone else will be better in other - and that's the beauty of diversity.

We're all different.

And we somehow fill the puzzle.

Maybe that's why good team work is unbeatable :)

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Photos: Arsen Nikolov


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