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Stress less

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Stress” - maybe the most googled word. Maybe the most common theme of conversations amongs colleagues, friends and family. And certainly the most common excuse.

Everybody talks about it, everybody reads about it, everybody feels it differently but how to get rid of it?

The easiest way to reduse the symptoms is a balanced life: sleep, eat, stay active. 

And as easy as it sounds, in fact it ain't.  

Because 24 hours are not enough for balancing the hectic everyday life. 


What do we do then?

There are a few techniques I use that I hope would be useful for you too :) 


  1. Step back.

To step back is actually to remove yourself from a stessful situation: the easiest way to release pressure. Even a few minutes can be enough to go back to your calm self. 

  1. Breath.

Yes, we do breath constantly, but controlled breathing can do wonders for your state. So do pay attention to it as a stress relief technique. 

Even if you don't know specific breathing execises, you can just take a few deep breaths and you'd feel a difference. And if you'd like to become a "pro" in breathing techniques, check out classes in the city you live in or search online for tutorials.  


  1. Face mist.

Face mists are a real hit these past few years and there's a reason for that. They're so cool!

Maybe thermal water wouldn't calm you down but mint and lavander face mists are great for this! 

  1. Music.

Music is powerful for the senses, it has been said times and times again.

You can change your mood with a song.

If you want to forget a stressful situation, you can relax with the sounds of the sea or the forrest or turn on a band that makes you unwind - for me those bands are Anathema and Travis.

  1. Distraction.

Doodle, write, read, watch, run - find an activity to detox with. Weather it's active like sports or passive like a book or a movie, distraction from the problematic of the everyday is extremely important for our functioning so wasting time is never really just wasting time :) 

I hope you find these few tips useful for detoxing from stress!

Till next time,


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