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Often times we meet new people. Everyday or at least every month. Everytime in a new situations, in different circumstances, in different contexts. 

Me with freinds, Me with colleagues, Me with relatives, Me with society. 

And our Me transforms with the social surroundings.  

There's one thing for sure: be yourself, don't put on a mask to hide yourself. As hard as it is, it's extremely important to keep being authentic. 

And because every person wants to make a good first impression, I tried to put together 5 steps for making a natural and effortless first impression :)

  1. Be yourself - the best version of yourself. 

There's nothing more obvious than a fake smile, a wanna be attitude and faux manners so just forget about trying those and just be yourself, the best version of yourself - it's what needs to be remembered.

  1. Confidence.

Sweaty hands, trembly voice, nervous tapping with your feet - it all screams anxiousness. People notice when you feel nervous and it's not the best first impression. Confidence on the other hand, is a true virtue is every social surrounding. 

  1. Non-verbal communication.

Even if you don't know non-verbal signs, you can still catch a glimpse of the thoughts we share nonverbally. So pay attention to even your posture when you meet someone.  

  1. You're not the center of the universe!

Yeah, read it once more - you're not the center of the unoverse! So don't talk about yourself only, leave the other person the talk too, be interested and ask questions - people feel good when someone wants to get to know them.

  1. The way you look matters.

We've heard it so many times: what you see first is clothes. And even if this sounds superficial it actually is true, it's the first thing we see - the looks and clothes. So light makeup instead of night time look is preferable and style - style expresses ourselves, but don't overdo it ;)  

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Photo: archive, Arsen Nikolov

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