The fear of missing out

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Have you ever felt it - it arrives uninvited, unwanted, unsearched for. 

Have you ever paid attention - compulsive, unpleasant, frantic.

When it enfolds we wonder what's important - here and now or there and then... 

The fear of missing our is real.

And no, it has nothing to do with being emotionally unstable.

It has something to do with our primal desire to be the center of our own universe (selfish you say in your head - c'mon, admit it...). 

The desire of deviding ourselves between places and people somehow appears out of nowhere.

It starts tearing us up - you know you're missing something.

And do you know what you're really missing?

You're missing your own now.

You're missing your moment.

And here it is gone already - there's another one and the last one ain't coming back.

Do you know how to espace this trap of loosing moments?

Mindfulness - pay attention with all your senses to the present.

People do forget about the moment.

And we can catch it.

And enjoy it.

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Photo: archive, Arsen Nikolov


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