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The funny side of life

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We hear more and more often tips around us  to think positive. Actually in some cases positive thinking is truly effective but for some people it just doesn’t come naturally and if that’s the case, the pressure to think positive can be quite unhealthy. And on the other hand positive thinking suggests optimistic attitude, which is not set for most Bulgarians (sad but true).

So living with the principle “the glass is half full” isn’t for everyone. 

Today, however, we’ll talk about another way of life - the way that could even be therapeutic - life through the prism of laughter. 

Everyone knows that humor can change mood. However not everyone knows that it can even change the perception on life. Some think that life is full of serious stuff and problems, but that’s only one side of the coin - you can learn to see the other one, the funny one - the one that shows you all the beautiful and precious parts of existence.


Laughter makes us happy.

Laughter makes us enthusiasts. 

And shared laughter brings us closer together.

Actually these are not just statements, they are hypotheses that have been confirmed throughout the years by many psychologists. Yes, laughter can make you happy, scientists recommend to laugh at least 30 times per day :) Yes, laughter does make us enthusiasts because everything seems a bit easier when you turn a problem around and see the solution that has been in front of you the whole time: you just have to think outside the box that you put yourself into! And yes, shared laughter doest bring people closer together: you have had to have felt it - when you laugh with friends of your other half, it’s like you resonate on the same frequency, like you understand each other without words on a meta level and like you’re the perfect pieces of a whole.


Life is more colorful when you laugh. 

And longer, if you don’t believe me, then google the World War One veteran Henry Allingham who lived till 113 because of his sense of humor ;)

“Seeing the funny side of life is useful, and I've always had a sense of humour” - H. Allingham

Smile more,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov

Location: Alicante, Spain