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We, the grown-up dreamers

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A goal without a plan is just a wish.


Spring is the season for change. Maybe because of this, thoughts about dreams and goals somehow come naturally in this time of the year with the first sunny days.

But where is the line between a dream and a goal? And do we make a difference?

We were asked as kids what were we dreaming of. Then ideas like becoming a policeman, Superman or Batman were welcomed with a smile. When we grow up, we still get asked about our dreams, but this time it’s expected from us to look serious at the question and share our bravest ideas that don’t sound absolutely insane. Because dreaming about the castle with the prince on the white horse would put you in a rehab rather than anything else :D


But why do our brave childish dreams have to transform with growing up?

It’s simple - kids can fantasize all they want and their dreams can be as unreal as rich as their imagination is, and in the same time the grown-up kids a.k.a adults have to learn how to transform their dreams into goals. Because a dream does not suggest achievement, but a goal does. And because only when you learn to transform your dreams into goals, you can call yourself a true grown-up dreamer - otherwise you just hang around in the clouds where time has stopped. And we have to live in reality ;)


A dream is just a dream, if you don’t have a plan to achieve it. 

A dream is just a dream, when it’s not compliant with your own potential. 

A dream is just a dream, when you don’t know how to move the bar of your capabilities  and how to do it. 

But only a dream can become a goal which achievement would bring you the most truthful feeling of completion and satisfaction.

To transform your dreams into goals, however, you have to truly know how to dream. To see far horizons and to envision what’s even further away.  And to somehow manage to seek only the dreams that you can reach from the ones that just exist being unreachable. 

The grown-up dreams have to have at least one foot on the ground.

To be called a dreamer is not offensive. Because only the true dreamers turn out to be the people who develop their potential and achieve goal by goal. 

Look at the horizon in this spring day and think about your next goal…


Till next time,


Photos: Julian Georgiev

Location: Alicante, Spain