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Sweet delicacy with Villa Vinifera

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Everything began somehow magically. Imagination started playing, it couldn’t had been stopped… Then the idea became powerful. It couldn’t just be left there - in the mind… It had to be shared…

It was a nostalgy or something new. Or it was a paradoxal harmony of both… It was a harmony filled with emotions. Emotions that touched people. Emotions that made the world so real…

Our history began an year ago - in 2016. And theirs - theirs began about 81 years ago - in 1936. 

We are VickyWeek, and they are Villa Vinifera. 



What unites us are the stories that we just have to tell!

Because in the past year VickyWeek found out its true nature in stories that had to be shared and those who made something ordinary into something special. And because Villa Vinifera’s wine is from those works of art that tell stories full of emotional senses that touch people…

VickyWeek’s history is just beginning and we still have traditions to build, even though we’ve said “Hey” over 50 times already…

The long history of Villa Vinifera, however, suggests a well known tradition. But people behind the company believe in combination of tradition and innovation - something that may seem strange for some but also something that for sure makes everything much more interesting! You have to be brave not to follow an old recipe for success, but explorers are the ones who truly feel the sweet taste of what they’ve achieved…

These different wines are born in the heart of the Rodopi mountains where they have been looked after with love and attention from people who somehow communicate with the scents and tastes that they create.



For VickyWeek’s first anniversary Villa Vinifera suggested something new, different, very bulgarian and truly unique - mavrud wine with roses…

Probably because of the fruit notes or the gentle rose scent, somehow this boutique wine corresponds perfectly with the concept of VickyWeek - fresh and sweet :)


And how does this playful combo with an aftertaste of elegancy comes to life - with creativity and ambition, but if you’re interested in the technology - it’s by adding rose petals during the fermentation. 

The final result after a few months is a real dessert that combines tastes and scents of fruit and roses in the most delicate way…

Cheers from us!



Photos: Arsen Nikolov