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I hated it before I got to know it. I wanted to hate it while getting to know it. But I couldn’t. 


How can you not hate the place that separates you from your loved ones?

And still I couldn’t hate it. 

I couldn’t because of their smiles.

I couldn’t because of the beautiful views, breathtaking places and the warmth of the atmosphere.

I found it foreign. I taught it was an enemy.

Until I saw it.

And fell in love.


I say hey to you few days after my trip to Alicante, Spain with Arsen. 

After this emotional introduction I’m gonna walk you through the pretty mediterranean town, that will forever stay in my heart as my second home from now on. 

The 7 days in Alicante gave me unforgettable emotions and probably the best birthday ever!


First thing that you see instantly is the exotic palm trees. And with the desert like rocks, it doesn’t look much like Europe. But it is :) 

You pass smiling Spanish people wearing their winter gear in 25 degrees and happy Englishmen wearing shorts and t-shirts on the streets - it’s quite colorful :)

And speaking of colorful, I just have to share a few shots from the old town Santa Cruz. The old town’s atmosphere (which is not that old) reminds me of Greece with the terrace buildings and tiny streets.





And if Santa Cruz is one of the highest parts of town, the highest is seen from everywhere - the Santa Barbara castle! This is one of those breathtaking places - from climbing it, from the fear of heights or from the admiration of the immense 360 degrees view… or all in the same time ;)





From the highest place we head down in 30 seconds to the beach :) 

Where the Mediterranean shore awaits us with the softest and finest sand I’ve ever seen!

Too bad our Black sea can only look with a nostalgic feeling at the wide and untouched by human hand beach line of Alicante…


We also took a walk down to the yacht port where the sunset is somehow magical :)


Magical is also the ficus forrest in the center. And when I say ficus, don’t think of your grandma’s plant - it’s like these ones have came from a Brother Grimm’s fairytales… Like they’re sleeping, waiting to be awaken by someone, to take you to a magical world…


But magical worlds can be created by ourselves as well.

If I ever do create one, it would be full of bubbles as big as me… Actually this I didn’t invent, I saw it. And even managed to burst a few ;)


Let’s stay on the fairytale vibe.

It seems like Alicante loves colors and kids - one of the cutest streets is the one with the mushrooms. I felt like a 5 year old, when I saw a game on the street and started jumping like I used to about 20 years ago :) And I continued with my childhood rewind when I got inside a mushroom for a photo… The only hard part was the the going out of the mushroom when your body hurts from tourist walks :D



The colors are a thing in Alicante - the main street or the Esplanada is for sure one of the prettiest streets in the world! Surrounded by palm trees, touched by the sunlight, the wavelike street makes you dream of endless summer wearing bikini all day long :)


And then we ask ourselves why do Spanish people follow their siesta tradition everyday - because the places make them do it - just like that… a walk on the Esplanada and it’s festive time all of a sudden…

The whole week was more than festive for me, more than fantastic! Because of the people, because of the atmosphere and because of the town itself (damn it, Alicante, I cannot hate you) - best week ever <3



Till next time,


Photos: Arsen Nikolov, Julian Georgiev

Location: Alicante, Spain

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  • HenryCrow

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  • Victoria

    In reply to: HenryCrow

    So nice to hear! You'd love Alicante, I'm sure!

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